May 7, 2019Correlations Analysis, Portfolio Enhancements, and MFA

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On to this week's releases:

Correlations View

Candles aren’t the only way to look at markets. We started by adding Asset Views and today we’re releasing the Correlations Page. The correlation matrix allows clients to look at the relationship between the movement of different assets. Do they all really go up the same amount at the same time? Now you have proof they don’t, and you can use it as you decide not just how to trade, but what to trade. Or trade against each other. The amount of information this provides is only limited by your own interpretation! Currently, the Correlations page employs the widely used Pearson Correlation Coefficient method of measuring these relationships.

New Analysis Tool - Correlations View

Compact Portfolio View

Cryptowatch clients have a lot of holdings and it can get tiring scrolling through your expansive wealth. The compact view will now allow clients to view their holdings in a condensed manner on both desktop and mobile. Each row can expand to show the holdings by both Asset and Exchange. The Portfolio View also has a new toggle in the upper right hand corner to easily switch between both modes.

Compact Portfolio View

MFA for Trading Access

We have implemented compulsory multi-factor authentication (MFA) for Cryptowatch clients who wish to import exchange API keys and use our Portfolio & Trading interfaces. Clients can enable MFA in the Security tab of their Cryptowatch Settings

Crypto websites like ours are often targeted with "credential stuffing" attacks, in which user/password combos from leaked databases of other websites are used to attempt logins on a large scale. Unfortunately, some people will reuse a password and not enable MFA, leaving their accounts vulnerable to this style of attack.

Compulsory MFA for clients who wish to import API keys ensures that any easily compromised account will be of no use to the attacker.

Stay safe out there, and enable MFA!

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