Mar 19, 2019Portfolio Details and

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Available Balances on Portfolio

Get better insight in to how your funds are tied up on Portfolio with the new available/total balance bars next to your asset balances. Simply click/tap on a bar to see a breakdown of how much of that asset is available for trading VS tied up in an order. The overall number we show is your total balance. Please be aware that each exchange treats 'Available' balance differently and not all exchanges take open order activity into account. For specifics, please consult documentation for your exchange.

We also added more quote currencies to Portfolio, bringing the number to 20 total. Thankfully, the currency 'PHP' is not affiliated with the programming language, but is only the humble Philippine Piso. IDR remains the best choice if you want feel like it's late 2017 again. Public Data

We've added market data from, a crypto-to-crypto exchange with over 300 assets listed. Full coverage of markets can be viewed here. With this addition, the total number of markets available on Cryptowatch is now above 3,350 - with more to come.

Greater Orderbook Depth

Each order book now shows up to 10,000 orders, if made available from the exchange API's. See a deeper view of any market's liquidity by grouping up orders by price levels with the + /- buttons above the order book. The far left column is the price level, the middle column is the number of the base asset available between that price level and the next closest one to the market price, and the right column is the total number of the base asset available between that price level and the market price. A good example of the new depth can be seen on Kraken BTC/USD.

Toggle Clearing Order Form

By default, the trading form always clears itself after an order is placed. We've added a toggle to turn this off, so your order details will persist after an order is placed. This is helpful for rapid fire order placement, like placing several small orders at slightly offset increments. You can find the toggle by clicking the gear icon at the bottom of the trade panel on any chart page - it's called Clear form after sending order. If you disable that toggle and enable Skip Order Confirmations, you'll unlock Machine Gun Mode - where you can set multiple orders by...
  1. Inputting an amount
  2. Setting a price by clicking on the depth chart
  3. Hitting Enter
  4. Repeating 2-3
Here's what Machine Gun Mode looks like in action: Machine Gun Mode GIF

What is Cryptowatch, again?

Our team is maniacally focused on providing the fastest actionable data in crypto to traders and investors. As a result of that focus, our site has always focused on providing as much utility as possible for the power user at the expense of explaining functionality. We think this makes sense for 99% of the site, but the About page is one place where we do want to let you know what Cryptowatch is good for and how you can get the most out of it.

Check out the new About page - you might learn a thing or two about how Cryptowatch can supercharge your trading. Look out for more tasteful information throughout the site to help you learn more about all the ways we can help you make better-informed trades across the crypto universe.

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