Feb 20, 2019Asset View, BTC Quotes, and Bug Fixes

Big Update: Understand Fundamentals with Asset View

Trading intelligently often requires looking at more than candles - Asset View brings fundamentals to Cryptowatch’s trading platform.

In an effort to help our traders learn more about the fundamental aspects of crypto assets, Cryptowatch just released an Asset View for all 500+ assets on our platform. Where you used to see just a list of markets, you will now see asset overviews, the latest social updates around an asset, as well as the markets the asset trades on. You can find the Asset View by clicking on an asset name or icon (aka 'crypton') on the homepage or in Portfolio. Please note that not all assets have overviews yet - we are working on full coverage. If you notice any data looks wonky, see below under 'Notes' or contact us.

We've kept the Asset View simple for this first release, because we want to let you try it out and tell us what other information would be valuable on it. As crypto grows in legitimacy and complexity, the information we reveal on the Asset View will grow with it. Let us know what you think - we're available on Reddit and Twitter.

Here are a few of our favorite asset views to check out:

Coming Soon: New Analysis Tools and Menu

While we love dropping cool stuff on you just to see the reaction, we wanted to give you a hint on this one. As we continued to expand our library of Analysis Tools such as Indicators and Overlays, we realized the existing drop down menus just weren’t going to cut it anymore. Stay tuned for the solution, and even more Analysis Tools to come!

BTC as a Quote Currency Option on Portfolio

We've added BTC as a quote currency option in Portfolio, so you don't have to look at your portfolio value in fiat (or 'shitfiat' as one trader calls it).

Notes and Bug Fixes

  • On the Asset View: Note that the price at the top of the chart and the price at the end of the chart line may differ - on top of the chart is an average price across all exchanges weighted by exchange volume over the past 24 hours, while the chart line is a similar volume-weighted average calculated over smaller time intervals that change with the time periods you select below the chart. These are both technically a 'volume weighted average price', or VWAP in industry parlance.
  • When refreshing a chart page, the time interval was reverting to whatever it was when the page was first loaded. We fixed that, so refresh all you like.

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