Oct 16, 2018Updated API Support and Order Book Functionality

Updated Coinbase API Support

As of this release, Cryptowatch is changing our connection points from the GDAX API to the new Coinbase-Pro API. All URL references to GDAX will now automatically be redirected to Coinbase-Pro. For example:
  • cryptowat.ch/markets/gdax/btc/usd will now be routed to cryptowat.ch/markets/coinbase-pro/btc/usd
  • cryptowat.ch/exchanges/gdax will now be routed to cryptowat.ch/exchanges/coinbase-pro
The update to the API will now display all open orders and past trades for the connected account.

Cumulative Order Book Click

Continuing the enhancements to the “Click to Fill” functionality of the order book, the third cumulative column that displays the running total of grouped tokens at each level is now a selectable option. Clicking on the third row will populate the limit trade ticket field with the cumulative amount of assets along with the price associated with the amount. Values will populate in the trade panel to the right of the order book.


The quote price on the Markets Card on the home page is now a selectable option. Users can change the quote price directly from the column header. This will also update the used quote currency for the other cards in the assets


Past trades will now show up on the GDAX / Coinbase Pro trade tickets.
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