Sep 25, 2018Market Shortcuts, Charting Additions, and BTC as a Quote

Market Shortcuts on Home page

Market Shortcuts are available in the bottom left corner of the default asset card. This will allow users direct access to the chart page of either their favorite markets or highest markets by volume. The order of the market shortcuts will appear with watchlist markets first (sorted by volume) followed by all other markets (sorted by volume). Markets can be selected as a favorite on the markets card by clicking the star icon at the start of the row. Clicking on the numerical option at the end of the list will jump directly to the full list of available trading pairs on the markets card.

Charting Additions

Momentum Indicator (Mom):
Found in the Indicators menu, Momentum measures the change in price over ’n’ bars, expressed in real terms. When toggled on, this will be visible below the charts page.

Overlay Values on Charts:
The Cryptowatch Chart Legend now features values for overlays. As we’ve previously shown for indicators, the value of the calculated overlay analysis tools will show in the top left of the chart panel as you pan across the chart history, with all line values corresponding to the line color displayed on the chart itself. The legend can be collapsed by clicking on the small icon in the top left of the chart. A second click of the will cause the legend to re-open.


  • BTC added as a global quote currency: BTC is now accessible as a global quote currency on the home page. This can be accessed in the gear icon at the top of the page within the “prices” section. Selecting BTC as the default quote will allow it to be the quote currency for all assets and applicable menus (aside from Bitcoin).
  • All URL references to STR markets will now automatically redirect to XLM markets. For example: will be redirected to
  • Populating the price in the limit trade ticket flow by clicking the order book will now only populate the price field rather than overwriting the amount field to an empty value. This will allow the user to retain their desired trade amount and update the limit price in a variety of ways without having to re-enter the the value each time.


    Clicking on the depth chart will now enter the desired price into the limit trade ticket.

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