Sep 18, 2018Charting Additions and Usability Enhancements

Charting Enhancements

We added the following to the Cryptowatch charting platform:
  • Chalkin Oscillator:
    The Chalkin Oscillator is a momentum indicator using an Accumulation/Distribution line which takes market volume into account. The Chalkin Oscillator uses two Exponential Moving Averages of the ADL to determine market momentum.
  • Directional Movement Indicator (DMI):
    Directional Movements Indicator (DMI) is a combination of calculations resulting in outputs used to determine trend strength based on values of the lines. The DI+ and DI- will show the strength of upward and downward movements.
  • Average Directional Index (ADX):
    The ADX is derived from the combination of DI+ and DI- lines within the DMI indicator utilizing smoothed averages of those lines. The ADX is a directionally agnostic indicator of overall trend strength with a level of 20-25 being considered the point at which a strong trend (up or down) exists.
  • Rate of Change (ROC):
    The Rate of Change measures the change in price over ‘n’ bars, expressed in percentage terms. The ROC can provide insight into momentum and volatility of a market. The Length of the ROC can be changed by the user.
  • Smoothed Moving Average (SmMA):
    A Smoothed Moving Average is a type of moving average that includes all the data available as part of the calculation while putting the most emphasis on the most recent data points. Like other MA’s, users have the option of selecting the length of the average.

Enhanced Order Book Click to Fill Function

Currently, when clicking on the order book price, the price of an asset selected will auto-populate into a limit trade ticket within the order panel of the chart page. With this update, the amount or grouped amount of orders at a certain price is now a selectable option as well. When the amount column of the order book is clicked, both the amount and price at that row will populate the limit trade. Less time to execute your trade!

Additional Home Page Persistence

The following items have now been updated and will persist across session on a per device basis:
  1. Global quote currency: Selected currency will change all assets available where applicable. Please note, not all assets will have markets in the desired quote currency.
  2. Card selection within an Asset: The selected card for an asset will stay selected.
  3. Market Card Sort Order: When updated, the sort order on the markets card will allow the order and sort criteria to persist.
  4. Card's time period selection: Time period selected either on the card itself or the global time period selector.
  5. Filtered Cards: These will persist across session and refresh.
  6. Watchlist Selection on Markets Card: When the star is selected on the markets card, watchlist markets will filter to the top first and stay persisted.


Keyboard menu navigation will now allow the use of space bar to select or de-select an asset or sorting selection.

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