Aug 14, 2018Mobile Trading, VWAP, Card View Home Page, and New Charting Tools

Mobile Trading

Cryptowatch is excited to announce Mobile Trading support for all current users who have an account!
  • Easily manage and monitor your trading activity.
  • Users can trade across all connected exchanges using their API Keys.
  • Trade Panel is now easily accessible on the bottom right corner of the mobile charts page.
  • All active Orders, Trades, and Positions can be easily managed and viewed using the order panel tabs.
  • Order book data can be utilized to click through for trading and order setup.
  • Order fill alerts will now trigger and pop up on the mobile chart page.

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Card View Home Page

The new home page now allows for much greater depth accessibility through our new card view! There are three initial cards that will give users much greater depth and insight into the market directly from the home page. Users can easily see the activity across the entire market, drill down into viewing the performance of an asset across multiple time frames, and see the prices on individual markets all with a single swipe! Navigation between cards exists by swiping or clicking from one card to the next. Each set of cards represents a single asset with the initial set including:
  1. VWAP Price Card:
    This card shows the VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) price across all markets with the same quote currency supported by Cryptowatch, giving users a much more accurate view of the price across all exchanges at a single glance.
    • Each asset can be viewed by the desired quote currency by selecting a currency from the quote menu on the top of the card.
    • Card time frame can also be adjusted by clicking the time period selector on each card or across all cards a the top of the page.
    • All price and chart information is displayed in VWAP prices.
    • Links at the bottom or the card will allow the user to click through and view markets filtered by Asset and Quote, or Asset only.
  2. Performance Card:
    This card shows the VWAP price percentage return, to easily asses the performance of an asset over multiple periods of time.
    • Four time periods along with the associated percentage return are visible for each card.
    • Clicking on a time period will return the user to the previous card with the time period selected to view the chart.
    • Quote currency can also be selected in the upper left to view desired currency.
  3. Markets Card:
    The Markets card will show the individual prices of the markets available for the selected asset and quote currency.
    • The amount of markets is displayed is correlated to the quote currency selected on the VWAP card.
    • Each column can be sorted by clicking on the column header.
    • Clicking on a market will link the user directly to the chart page for more in depth analysis and trading.
  4. Bulk Sorting:
    The new home page also has bulk sorting capabilities to help users easily keep track of what is happening across the entire market! The new menu in the upper right corner of the home page can be sorted by:
    • Price Change (Highest and Lowest)
    • Volume (Highest and Lowest)
    • Alphabetical by Asset Symbol (A-Z or Z-A)

Chart Additions

Following on the recent addition of Fast and Slow Stochastics to our indicator library, we’re happy to further expand the available chart analysis tools with the inclusion of Choppiness Index, Average True Range, Commodity Channel Index, and Alligator to our library of indicators and overlays.

Choppiness Index:

The Choppiness Index is used to help determine when a market is trending vs trendless or sideways. Higher readings indicate less of a trend in place while watching for the beginning of a decline can help with early trend timing.
“Chop Index” can be found in the Indicator Menu dropdown. Users can set Length for the calculation with 14 being default.

Average True Range:

The Average True Range, or ATR, is used to help measure volatility in a market over a moving time window. Candle ranges are computed as the larger of a candle’s actual range or the range from the previous close to either the current high or low, depending on market direction. Larger ATR’s are interpreted as revealing greater market volatility. In 24 hour markets, the need to calculate a “True Range” in place of Range is lessened as these markets contain fewer gaps.
“ATR” can be found in the Indicator Menu dropdown. Users can set Length for the calculation with 14 being default.

Commodity Channel Index (CCI):

The Commodity Channel Index, or CCI, is used as a momentum oscillator to give indication of impending up or down trends in a market. Moves above +100 or below -100 can signal overbought and oversold conditions in the market, respectively.
“CCI” can be found in the Indicator Menu dropdown. Users can set Length for the calculation with 20 being default, as well as Overbought and Oversold levels. These values default to +100/-100 and are limited to values no more extreme than +200/-200.


The Alligator is made up of three moving averages all shifted to the future, or toward the right side of the chart. The alignment of the 3 lines, or their sequence on the chart, is used to confirm up and down trends. A shift in the order of the lines can be interpreted as the beginning of a change in trend.
The “Alligator” can be found in the Overlay Menu dropdown. Users can set Length for each of the 3 lines, with default values being set at 13, 8, and 5 as fixed by Bill Williams, the original author.

Websocket API in Beta Testing

Cryptowatch has also launched a real-time Websocket Streaming API which is currently in beta testing. To read more about it and to request consideration for early beta access, please see the documentation page for the service here:

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